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It’s here! English for Humanities and Social Sciences

On Tuesday 6 June 2023, studyFIT launched the much anticipated self-paced, 150-hour Advanced English course for students of the Humanities and Social Sciences.  Around 650 applicants registered to participate in the pilot phase of the course, and the first 100 have already been admitted into the Moodle learning environment.  The testers are being staggered, so the 550-odd applicants who are yet to receive their admission link need not lose heart.

As the FernUniversität’s coordinator for supportive and extracurricular programmes, Dr Biederbeck is pleased that studyFIT is rolling out a highly-requested course

“A number of our studyFIT projects are deployed in earnest only after they have been piloted and perfected,” says ZLI board member Dr André Biederbeck.  “We are pleased that so many students are keen to get involved by offering feedback on the format, content and pacing within the course.”

The course focuses on vocabulary building, specifically developing an advanced lexicon conducive to the demands of a Humanities or Social Sciences degree, as well as rhetoric and composition.  “A variety of input materials have been used,” says Dr Prue Goredema, the Project Manager of the English Learning Support service.  She adds: “For their learning pleasure, students will find podcasts, lectures, readings and hand-outs galore.  There are follow-up exercises and activities in each of the seven units.”

More Advanced English courses are in the works.  With input from subject experts from the faculties, the courses will assist students in bringing their language skills up to scratch.  In the meantime, students are encouraged to sign up for the Altissia language learning platform where they can improve their knowledge of English grammar and foundational vocabulary before delving into a studyFIT course.

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