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Part II of our winter semester lecture series at The English Café: Once a fortnight, 6 – 7 pm

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Dr Schwanebeck will put his money where his mouth is in a talk on monetary policy

Monday 11 March
Dr Benjamin Schwanebeck
Not too tight to mention: Monetary policy and inequality in the Eurozone

A post doctorate scholar at the FernUniversität’s Chair for International Economics, Dr Benjamin Schwanebeck is a maestro of macroeconomics, finance and central bank policy.  If you’ve ever wondered why there’s so much month left at the end of your money, this presentation is just for you!  Dr Schwanebeck will give us some insight into how the policy pronouncements from Frankfurt and Brussels impact both Max and Maxine Mustermann – and what this all means for those living in the Eurozone.

There is no doubt that Dr Jitschin’s talk will go down in history

Monday 25 March
Dr Adrian Jitschin
A blast from the past: From Ancient Greece to contemporary Ghana – are societal processes the same old, same old?
When he isn’t up to his neck with tasks in his day job as head of the FernUniversität’s Frankfurt Campus, Dr Adrian Jitschin is also a social historian.  His recent co-authored publication “African Processes of Civilisation” features essays by the renowned German Sociologist Norbert Elias and examines what small contemporary communities reveal about societal changes from times gone by.


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