Join the study

Would you like to help us to help you?  Over the next year and a half we are running a pilot study to ascertain the efficacy of a dedicated language learning platform – Altissia.  It contains vocabulary, grammar and listening activities pegged at levels A- to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).  All you have to do is use the platform, and when you have time, share your feedback with us.  Good, bad or ugly – we want to know whether the application is suitable for eventual deployment to the wider university community.

If you are a registered student, you can sign up for the study via Moodle.  Once logged in, simply select your faculty/group under ‘Altissia access’; accept the terms of use and you will be automatically led to the Altissia portal.  There, you can take a level test or browse around for other language learning activities of your choice.  The news section is particularly popular for students who want to do quizzes related to current events.

If you need assistance getting started, drop us a line at See you soon!

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