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Coming soon: English for the Humanities and Social Sciences – an adventure into vocabulary building and essay writing

It’s taken some time to produce the instructional videos and to create original learning materials, and now that we’re putting the finishing touches on the English Learning Support course for the Humanities and Social Sciences, it’s time to invite students to register.

The Moodle-based course, which will be launched within the next few weeks, is a self-paced one, so students need not feel pressured to race through all the content.  In all, one needs to dedicate at least 150 hours of elbow grease in order to get the most out of the course.

How much does it cost, you may be wondering?  Not a penny will be charged during the pilot phase, which runs until December 2023.  So, if you sign up for this first round, you get to improve your vocabulary and English essay writing skills without breaking the bank.  And of course, your feedback will be most welcome in order to help us fine tune future iterations of the course.

It ought to go without saying, but you don’t have to be a student of the Humanities and Social Sciences to take the course, but you will have to contend with readings and lectures that cover themes such as history, philosophy, education and politics.  All very exciting ways to build one’s vocabulary.

As for your initial competence, as this is an advanced course, you need to have attained, at the very least, a B2 on the global scale of the Common European Framework.  Please check first by trying out our free language learning platform – Altissia.

If you are a student of the FernUniversität and would like to join the pilot phase of the course English Learning Support: Humanities and Social Sciences, please register right away by clicking on this link.  You will then receive a notification as soon as the course is live on Moodle.

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    I am interestsed in the Course English for social sciences.

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