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The English Café goes intercontinental: Ohio academic to take centre stage on 29 January

From Aachen to Zwönitz, not forgetting those holed up in haunts beyond the borders: all Anglophiles of the FernUni are invited to join the next English Café online meetup, featuring Associate Professor Stephanie Brown of the Ohio State University, USA.

We’ll convene on Zoom on Monday 29 January from 6-7pm.  It’s a veritable free for all, so you need not register.  Just click on this link at the appointed hour.

Prof Brown is looking forward to sharing her literary insights with the FernUni community.  Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your listening and speaking skills on a platform where you’ll get the chance to chime in during or after her presentation.  What is the lecture all about, you wonder?

Here is an overview, directly from the horse’s mouth:

Students, staff and all lovers of literature are invited to Associate Professor Brown’s winter semester headline talk and Q&A

Introducing Frank Yerby, the best-selling Black writer you’ve never heard of

In our post-Toni Morrison world, it is perhaps hard to imagine a time when Black writers struggled to find an audience large enough to allow them to write best-sellers. Yet that was the case in the 1940s, when Frank Yerby published his first novel, The Foxes of Harrow. That novel, a surprise hit, sold a million copies, became a film and launched Yerby on a path to writing a series of best-sellers, mostly historical romances. Yet today, Yerby is practically unknown except to a handful of scholars. Who was Frank Yerby and what made his books so popular once and so forgotten now? This brief talk will introduce you to the author and his work.

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