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studyFIT releases a new bridging course: English Learning Support: Psychology

It’s been a marathon of long days and longer to-do lists, but that’s all water under the bridge now, for the course English Learning Support: Psychology has finally been released.  Both current and prospective students can take the course as a way to bolster their advanced vocabulary whilst exploring aspects of second language acquisition.

The Dean of the Faculty of Psychology chimes in in Chapter One

Speaking soon after the course was released, Dr Prue Goredema of studyFIT said, “Considering that the course English Learning Support: Humanities and Social Sciences covers rhetoric, composition and academic integrity and that it is also suitable for students of Psychology, it was necessary that the new course be a departure from this.  There is very little overlap in the courses, so students who feel so inclined can happily take both courses, should time permit.”

The time factor is key, since the studyFIT English Learning Support courses have a workload of 150 hours.  However, students can decide freely when to dip into the various lectures, readings, vocabulary building exercises and colourful quizzes since the courses are self-paced.

Students will be delighted to learn that embedded in the course are some interviews with academics from the Faculty of Psychology, starting with the Dean, Prof. Andreas Mokros.  “Students who take the course get to meet the dean, as it were, in Unit One of the course,” explained Dr Goredema.  “His insights essentially get the course underway, and what an exciting educational journey it will be for students who stay the course.”

As for earning a certificate, it is indeed possible, as an online written assessment is offered periodically.  Students who wish to sign up for the new course may do so right away by visiting the course description here.

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