studyFIT: FernUniversität’s go-to venue for learning support

Getting started on a degree programme is as exciting as it is intimidating under any circumstances.  Taking on distance education, however, comes with a unique host of challenges.  At the outset, you may be wondering:

  • Do I have the requisite knowledge to tackle my courses?
  • Will I meet my lecturers’ expectations?
  • How might I manage my time in order to cope with work and distance learning?

The FernUniversität’s studyFIT division is the go-to place for all your learning support needs from the time you enrol right up to graduation.  Coordinated by the Centre for Learning and Innovation (ZLI) studyFIT offers students a variety of interventions, including assorted counselling formats, bridging courses to prepare you for the demands of your degree, seminars and other one-off events, peer mentoring for students with specific needs as well as several learning apps for individual learning.  You can sign up for just such an app here to facilitate English language learning.

Explore the ever-growing list of student-centred services available at studyFIT by clicking here.

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