Poll position: English Learning Support Survey launched

The English Learning Support service of the FernUniversität’s studyFIT division is calling on all students to participate in a newly launched language survey, the aim of which is to document students’ language learning experiences and to ascertain their wishes for a long-term framework for English language learning.   “Adding English Learning Support to the studyFIT portfolio was an inspired decision,” comments Project Manager Dr Prue Goredema.  “Academics across disciplines are in constant dialogue with their international counterparts – and these conversations, be they in the form of scientific collaboration, written academic discourse, conference presentations or informal chit chat, primarily take place in English.  It is only fitting that FernUniversität students be given every opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers at other German institutions,” she adds.

Instead of presenting the university community with a ready-made solution, the English Learning Support service will base its interventions, in part, on the findings of a series of surveys, focus group discussions and interviews with staff and students alike.  In the first of these surveys, pretty much any member of the FernUniversität family is invited to have their say in providing answers to questions such as:

  • What role does English play in your academic and professional life?
  • What are your individual learning goals?
  • What support measures would you like to see at studyFIT?


Do take five to ten minutes out of your day to help shape the future of English Learning Support at the FernUniversität.  Let your voice be heard in the all-important survey, which is available in both English and German.


  1. Sandra

    Hi, I would like to take part in the survey but can’t open it on my Mac. Do I have to use a DOS computer or is it just bad luck and I have to try again tomorrow?

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