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Pilot phase complete: Four studyFIT courses off to a flying start

The gremlins have been defeated.  After two plus years of hard graft, hearing what  our students have to say and honing our material to satisfaction, studyFIT has launched a batch of new courses for students who wish to enhance their knowledge and bolster their academic skill set in preparation for or as an addition to their curricular courses.

Successfully piloted over the past few months, the courses are:

With the launch of the four courses, studyFIT Coordinator Dr André Biederbeck is over the moon

Speaking shortly before the Moodle courses were launched, Dr André Biederbeck, the studyFIT Coordinator and a member of the leadership team at the Centre for Learning and Innovation said, “We received a lot of feedback from students during the pilot phases of the courses. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks to all those who participated. With the help of the feedback, we were able to streamline the courses. From 1 December 2023, they will now be available to all students with no restrictions on participation. While we were only able to admit a limited number of students during the pilot phase, you will all be able to enrol in the courses from December onwards.”

The only requirement for participation is payment of the course fee. The fee covers the costs incurred by the FernUniversität in providing these additional services. Without the fee, it would unfortunately not be possible to offer the courses. Here is an overview:

Course Time Fee
Vorkurs Mathematik für Statistik 20 hours           13,00 €
Data Literacy Basiskurs 150 hours           49,00 €
English for Humanities and Social Sciences 150 hours           58,00 €
Intercultural Communication 10-15 hours           12,00 €

The fees are therefore roughly the same as the tuition fees for curricular programmes.

The courses are only a small part of the studyFIT programme. Many other studyFIT services, such as consultations, workshops and other forms of learning support, are free of charge. Detailed information is to be found in the synopses in the general course catalogue.

Incidentally: even though the pilot phase has come to a close, the studyFIT team is continuing to work on developing further courses in order to be provide FernUniversität students with an even more diverse and enriching services. For example, further specialised English courses are in the pipeline.

The email address for questions and comments is studyfit@fernuni-hagen.de.

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