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Language acquisition the ELS way

It was with much fanfare that we launched, on 13 March, the new English for Psychology course.  150 students and counting have already signed up to improve their Academic English whilst immersing themselves in readings and lecture topics that are aligned to the curricular themes of the Psychology courses offered at the FernUniversität.

In Unit One, for example, the Dean of the Faculty of Psychology, Prof. Andreas Mokros talks about some of the game-changing studies that redefined Psychology in the 20th century.

Later on in the course students get to meet Dr Jan-Bennet Voltmer and Dr Lea Barbett, both of whom teach and conduct research at the FernUniversität’s Faculty of Psychology.  They offer insight into the types of texts that students not only have to read in the course of their studies, but also write, should they decide to carry out their thesis work in English.

The embedded lectures on language acquisition are interlaced with readings, exercises and quizzes.  After completing the five units, students may sit a written online assessment should they wish to receive a certificate indicating their attainment.

Students who wish to sign up for the new course may do so right away by visiting the course description here.

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