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Join the Altissia summer semester webinar

So: you’ve committed to improving your English this semester?

The first step is to join the Altissia webinar on Wednesday 5 April 2023, from 5-6pm.  Live, from Brussels, Altissia will give us an in-depth look at what their language learning platform has to offer – including general vocabulary building and grammar exercises, thematic lessons, individualised learning pathways and a news section replete with quizzes.

The session will take place in German, but you are welcome to also pose your questions in English, French or Flemish.

You can then sign up to use the platform free of charge via Moodle.

The Altissia mantra “Language empowers people” could not be truer for students of the FernUniversität.  With more and more disciplines resorting to literature in English these days, it is nigh on impossible to get through a degree without a decent understanding of English.  Simply using translation tools may help one to stopper short-term gaps, but ultimately it is true competence that is the prize.  Empower yourself by signing up to try out Altissia.

For the FernUniversität, the overarching context is a longitudinal study in which we investigate the efficacy of this mode of language learning amongst our disparate student body.  Which learning pathways are usually selected?  How perceptible are the gains students make in the key language skills when they use Altissia?  What specific feedback do the students have after trying out this language learning platform?

Help us to help you by taking part.

We look forward to welcoming you to the study and to the webinar.  Let’s meet online on Wednesday 5 April 2023 from 5-6pm.  Just click here for the MS Teams link – no registration or download necessary.


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