Interview No.1: Amélie Delmotte

Interview: Altissia Project Manager

A key aspect of the FernUniversität English Learning Support project is our collaboration with Altissia, a Belgian company that offers distance-learning language courses for education, the private sector and public institutions.  We spoke to Amélie Delmotte, a Project Manager at Altissia who is handling the FernUniversität in Hagen account.

When did you join the team?

Back in February 2016. Altissia was looking for a student who speaks Danish, and since I had studied the language, I knew right away I was a good candidate.  I really wanted to continue the adventure, so I joined the team as an employee in January 2017. I started as a product manager, working on the evolution of the product in collaboration with the Business and IT teams. In September 2018, I decided to join the Project Management team to work in direct collaboration with the customers. I was taking care of projects in Morocco and Europe. I’m currently still handling projects in Europe, notably Belgium and Germany, and I’m also working with customers in Canada.

What does your work entail?

  • a coherent educational approach
  • a complete multi-channel communication system
  • analysis and measurement tools
  • regular evaluation of the project’s progress.

For example, we support the customer at the launch of the project by, among other tasks, training the coordinators and teachers and organising information sessions for learners.

What do you most like about working there?

What I like the most at Altissia is the cultural diversity. I am lucky to work on projects from Canada to Hungary. I also like the purpose of my work. Allowing so many people to learn a language and discover a culture is a real motivation for me.  On top of that, I work with amazing colleagues all around the world, so it makes the job even better. We always help each other and share good practices!

What have been the highlights of your work so far?

At Altissia, technology serves our users.  Our tools and services create a learning experience adapted to each person’s needs.  I like the fact that my job has meaning and enables people to learn a language.  It’s also impressive to experience the evolution of the platform through the years.  One big milestone was the release of the mobile version of the platform.

What sort of feedback have you received to date?

It’s very encouraging when people share with us what they have been able to achieve thanks to the platform. For example, some users have been able to find a job thanks to the skills developed on the platform!

Keen to get involved? Sign up for the project here.


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