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Fuzzy culture, critical incidents and much else to ponder in the new studyFIT course in Intercultural Competence

What does intercultural competence mean to you?  Knowing when to speak up and when to hold your peace in conversation with others?  Knowing how to get through a dinner party where the food is gag-worthy, the guests grotesque and the host someone you don’t wish to upset?  Simply knowing the ropes of how to mind one’s Ps and Qs in day to day life is child’s play compared to the content of the new studyFIT course in Intercultural Competence.

When he isn’t busy with teaching and research at the Faculty of Law, Dr Juan Garcia Blesa lends a hand at studyFIT

The Moodle course imparts information and skills that are derived from a host of empirical studies and covers the Fuzzy Culture Model, the cultural dimensions tool and critical incidents.  Those who are diligent in their engagement with the course materials will develop not only professional skills, but also academic competence. The studyFIT course will initially be offered to 100 lucky students during a pilot phase.  Come the winter semester once the participants’ feedback is in, the course will be deployed more widely.

The course was created by Dr Juan Garcia Blesa, a Member of the Madrid Bar, whose teaching and research specialisations lie in public international law, human rights and critical legal theory at the FernUniversität’s Faculty of Law.

The self-paced course will take between 10 and 15 hours to complete.

For more information and to bag a place in the pilot study, visit the course overview by clicking this link.

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