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FernUni launches Career Service

It was with much fanfare that the FernUniversität’s new career service launched its website on Wednesday 18 October 2023.  The information-packed pages are arranged into thematic areas such as: setting one’s career goals, writing a killer application, mastering interviews and selection tests, navigating a Job Centre work search and, also, finding a job in the English speaking world.

Dr Stephanie Steden couldn’t be more thrilled that the Career Service is now open for business

Speaking after the website went live, woman-in-charge Dr Stephanie Steden said that she was thrilled that the office of Transfer & Career had seen it fit to expand student services in this area.  “Landing that ideal position isn’t something that one ought to put off until those final months before graduation,” she said.  “Whether you are pursuing your first degree alongside a part-time job or are already ensconced on the career ladder, it’s never too soon to think about the next step.  With the world of work changing so swiftly, it’s important to keep one’s finger on the pulse,” she added.

The Career Service is not only planning to make their practical tips available on the website.  A coterie of webinars and workshops are already tabled for the coming months.  Some events take place online, and many will be held at the various regional campuses.  Ever wondered what noteworthy employers in both public services and the private sector think about trends in the global economy, Germany’s place in it and the emerging impact of AI?  How about the pluses and minuses of apprenticeships these days?  And, do enough people take advantage of the free movement not only of goods and services, but labour too in the European Union?  The Career Service will have you covered with their podium discussions, podcasts and lectures.

And let it not be said that our distance learning format precludes the holding of career fairs.  Plans are underway to hold an Online Career Day as well as a Career Networking Night.

As the new service continues to be updated, expect more ideas, inspiration and solid leads on how to land a job in the Anglosphere.

Familiarise yourself with the information and consultation services available by visiting the Career Service page right away!

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