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End of an era: Bidding goodbye to the Altissia study

For two years we have offered willing students free access to the Altissia language learning platform.  We sought to ascertain its efficacy in facilitating acquisition of the key language skills.  Almost 2800 students joined the Moodle learning environment where Altissia was hosted.  The participants’ engagement levels were varied; therefore, a decision was made by the university not to continue with the application after the pilot phase comes to an end at the beginning of April 2024.

We wish to thank all those who took the time to try out Altissia, and especially those students who went to the trouble of filling out the survey and writing reviews within Moodle and via email.  All of your feedback was taken into consideration when we at the Centre for Learning and Innovation reflected on the longitudinal study.

For those students who need assistance with grammar and other foundational language skills, a plan is about to be set in motion, and we will make an announcement in due course.  And for students who are beyond the B2 level on the global scale of the Common European Framework, there are a couple of bridging courses you might want to try.  Don’t let the names fool you: Anyone can take these courses.  English for Humanities and Social Sciences is a great foundational course for newbies and is also suited to those who have been away from uni for some years and need a refresher before resuming their studies.  English for Psychology covers language learning themes and is thus a good choice for those wishing to improve their metacognitive skills.

As ever, other courses are in the pipeline, so students of Business, Economics, Mathematics and Informatics will soon be served too.

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