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Can academic writing actually be fun? Find out at the studyFIT digital do

Whether you’re wrestling with writer’s block, confused about conventions or eager to engage with other students, you’d do well to participate in the FernUniversität Digitaler Schreibabend on Friday 18 February, from 6.30 to 11 pm, via Moodle and Zoom.

A joint undertaking of the University Library (UB) and the studyFIT Schreibzentrum, this online event will feature a dedicated digital space for students and doctoral candidates to work on their assignments in peace and quiet, or exchange ideas in any of the selection of optional supporting workshops.  With input from the FernUniversität’s five faculties as well as the regional centres, the workshops are an opportunity for participants to receive interdisciplinary and subject-specific writing advice and inspiration.

The evening will kick off at 6.30 pm with a welcome address given by Claudia Schneider of the University Library and Andreas Bissels of studyFIT’s Schreibzentrum.  “Can writing actually be fun?” is the guiding question for the first live talk.  From 8 pm onwards, students can branch off into the virtual writing rooms or attend short workshops on topics such as writing in your studies, literature research and time management.


The workshops will be held in German, so sign up without delay by clicking here.


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